From the mind of jason woliner (Borat, Subsequent Moviefilm and Nathan for you), and produced by Seth Rogen and megan ellison, "PAUL T. GOLDMAN" is a surreal, bizarre exploration of one man's idiosyncratic mind and his obsession with uncovering the criminal double life of his ex-wife. Both a subversive spoof of the true crime genre and a deep, empathetic dive into self-image, fame and personal meaning, the series mixes traditional doc styles with dramatized scenes, which goldman himself both wrote and stars in, as well as behind the scenes footage of the making of those scenes as the story becomes about the myth making itself.
Critics have called the show: "alternately dark, strange, bizarre, and very funny" (Consequence), and "the Strangest Show You Need to Watch" (Collider) with comparisons to Nathan Fielder's The Rehearsal. The daily beast called it: "fascinating, amusing and surprisingly moving ... a deliriously demented concoction of truths, half-truths and make-believe. Ambiguity, contradiction and confusion are inherent to its appeal." They called Paul "one of modern TV’s most eye-opening and unforgettable stars." AV CLUB CALLED IT "the best kind of comedy: an insightful and hilarious look at its subject that just so happens to reveal poignant truths about the world around us." The Hollywood reporter aptly wrote: "Paul T. Goldman is an undeniably fascinating, invariably uncomfortable piece of television that could spark provocative conversations about the relationship between filmmaker and subject, between fact and fiction, and about the delicate process of blending real life and satire."
I edited 4 of the episodes and was an additional editor on the other 2.
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