Trees is an HBO original feature documentary by Irene Taylor (Moonlight Sonata, The Hear and Now, Beware the Slenderman). In this poetic film, The entangled lives of people and trees take root and grow into a contemporary tale of time. Trees tell the truth. They are vulnerable. They cannot escape. we meet a young boy stolen and hidden amongst trees, an artist refining American bonsai, a photographer artfully observing trees, a mother fighting to protect the forests in her backyard, family trees and uprooted trees, and a man who steadfastly plants them. The layers reveal the tender heartwood of the humans and trees alike, both honest and sensitive. These stories unfold as an arboreal and deeply human thriller. Culminating in a lyrical and haunting exploration of humankind’s deep connection to trees, the natural world and to one another.
The PortlanD Tribune called it "a beautifully photographed journey into the world of trees, bridging personal tales with universal themes," While The Guardian described it as "Fascinating," "Surprising," and "expansive."
I was One of Two Editors on the Film which is Available to stream on MAx.
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